Project Based Fee

  • This fee type is used for comprehensive financial planning or complex investment planning for example.
  • You pay a single flat fee for unlimited hours until project completion.
  • You will receive professional advice tailored to your goals and needs.
  • We don’t charge any investment fees or management fees.

Annual Membership Fee

  • Once your initial financial review is completed, continued monitoring is essential to accomplish all of your goals & objectives
  • We can do in-person meetings, phone calls or video conference meeting.
  • You can consult on any of the services and don’t have to pay every time you come to the office or call us.
  • Consider it a financial gym membership!

Hourly Fee

  • If all you need is a couple of hours with our advisors, then there’s no need to worry as our hourly fee is there for precisely that purpose.
  • This fee type is good for check-ups, on the go and question & answer sessions.
  • You can spend few hours brainstorming with one of our advisors on any matter you would like to discuss.
  • There is no sales pressure and our objectivity is maintained throughout.

Why Become a Member

Unlimited financial advice from expert financial planners.

Annual subscription helps us build a long-term relationship with our clients, being there for them through their important life events including marriage, home purchase, having kids, college funding, retirement planning and much more. We are all used to paying annual membership fees for access to health clubs, magazines & newspapers, music and other personal tools; wouldn’t access to a financial planner be a valuable service as well? We think so… which is why we’ve created this payment plan, a plan that fits into your budget while still covering your financial needs. Services will include:

• Budgeting & cashflow management assistance
• Unlimited e-mail access to planner as needed
• Plans for large purchases and major life events
• Regular client e-mails addressing pertinent financial issues
• Comprehensive approach with periodic reviews and updates
• Annual review meeting providing a tracking system that establishes spending and saving guidelines

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